Saturday, 26•08•2017

If you’ve been anywhere near a drum & bass dance floor in the past couple of years then you know Taxman’s productions, and you’ll have been throwing your arms up and calling for DJs to reload his tracks on more than one occasion! Now with his own distinctive sound and a string of huge releases including ‘Original Ninja’ and ‘Scan Darker’ under his belt, Taxman is all about facing the future; no doubt his dance floor killing tracks will be taxing your spare income for years to come! With the man making his debut at SW4, we are sure to invite him along for many years to come after this!

As much inspired by the sounds of old school jungle and LTJ Bukem, Sub Zero is famous for his signature dance floor smashing style, making music predominantly to be played in clubs. Despite this, experimenting with sound, pushing the boundaries and doing something a bit different has, and always will, be very important to Jake. And, as he climbs higher and higher into the upper echelons of D&B production, we can only expect more great things to come from Sub Zero.

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