Camo & Krooked: “It’s an honour to perform b2b with Friction…”

We caught up with Camo & Krooked ahead of their performance at SW4, which will see them go head to head with the big dog, Friction! In the interview we discuss their forthcoming album ‘Mosaic’, their world tour and ask what we can expect from their set this year...

Your no strangers to playing with us at SW4 having now played the last two consecutive years, this year will be the third on the trot, we cant wait to have you back! Did you enjoy your sets with us last time round?

Camo - I mean SW4 is one of the major festivals in London everybody is there from the artist point of view, there are many different genres, also the main guys of the charts are there having a good time, and I think people can feel it, the crowd is really energetic as expected for London so you can even play some classics in there. It’s just a great get together between all the genres and drum & bass is coming along strong again this year.

Krooked - Its different to other festivals because in other festivals people just want to hear the hits, like the smash hits, but it feels like if you play SW4, because you’ve got more of a London based crowd they know their tunes so you can go deeper than your typical festivals, which is actually really cool.

This time your going head to head with the big dog Friction for a special vs set which has certainly got the DnB community excited! Can you tell us a bit about your history with Friction?

Camo - I mean we’ve known friction for such a long time now, obviously we released on his label with a collaboration we did together, we’ve been attached for probably around 8 years now and we’ve never done a B2B so I think it was long overdue.

Krooked - I actually can’t wait to do our first B2B, he smashes it and is great technically and has a great back catalogue so we will also try to smash it but in our own kind of way. We are actually preparing a lot of special edits of new tracks of the new album and cheeky bootlegs here and there that probably won’t have ever been played before until that festival.

At the moment you’re in the middle of a huge world tour, to promote the forthcoming album Mosaic that we’re delighted to be a part of. Can you tell us a bit more about the concept behind this album?

Camo - I mean the name Mosaic tells the story more or less. Its like every tune is built up out of so many different pieces, the album was built with so many different directions of drum and bass. Mosaic of different directions. Only when you listen through it, it’ll all make sense. All the tunes are builders as well, you know like when you hear a regular tune at the moment and the drop is maybe the same as the first one, its pretty loopy, we tried to put as much as possible until every single tune makes sense. Every single tune consists of various different pieces that we tried to fit together as its exciting as possible. Keeps the listener coming back to explore another tune.

Krooked - Musically we think it’s a logical progression from our last record, its more grown up, we kind of found our sound that we are now building on and we still try to experiment with the sounds we create over the past 2 years. The album drops on 23rd June and we are going to fire out tune after tune from now on. There are 17 tracks on the whole record and we’ve got some really cool music videos coming as well. Every week now we’re going to bombard people with something fresh.

It feels like a really special time for you guys right now having recently been invited in for the Essential Mix on Radio 1 as well. You must be feeling pretty good about the current state of play of Camo & Krooked, where do you go from here?

Camo - We are already working on new stuff because once as an artist you say you’ve reached a certain standard, it can only go downwards from there. As we are perfectionists and only the deadlines define when something is finished. The deadline was there a few months ago and we already worked further up that because you keep learning and doing and some of the ideas we’ve gathered after the album was finished are probably better than what’s going to come out on the album now. Its just a progression that keeps on going, you explore the unexplored and that’s what being an artist should be about. You never should sit down and rely on something you built in the past, find something that hasn’t been built yet.

What have the highlights of the tour been for you so far? You’ve travelled far and wide already. What’s been going on?

Camo - That’s always a tough question because we’ve been around for years, when you think something is the highlight the next thing comes around. It kind of blends into each other. What I’m really looking forward to is our first headline show at Fabric next week, which is more or less the launch of our label, the whole mosaic brand. It’s like our first proper London headline show without hospital or some other brand behind it and it’s looking good so far. We’ve been preparing for such a long time like a legendary club when it reopens and wait for that. So maybe that will be another highlight that we will tell everybody about still next year.

Krooked - We are also doing our own festival in Austria called Newform Festival. It’s with our manager & we are involved with the line-up and new ideas, all kinds of things from food to backstage to what should be there for the people alongside the music. It feels really good, a really nice community and the vibe is just amazing especially for us playing as its our home. Homegrown crowd, a crowd that’s been backing us for 10 years and its always good to come back. We only play one or two shows a year in our own country, so the homecoming gigs are always the ones we are looking forward to the most. It just feels really great to be back home and to celebrate with all your friends and even friends in the crowd you haven’t seen for a long time.

Now you’re no strangers to playing in London, what sets London apart from other cities you’ve played in the world?

Camo - I mean our labels has always been London based and still is. It is just where the scene is coming from, you can feel it. There are loads of people that are connected to drum & bass who move there because they just love the vibe there and there is always something going on. When you play at the parties, most of the time its super busy as it’s a big city and people really come for the music. They are not there to drink beer, they come to have a good time and have a proper rave going on and that’s something we really value.

Krooked - It’s a very driving scene compared to other places where drum & bass sound is just trendy because maybe it’s been played on the radio or there’s just some movement happening within the youth culture. In London the scene has never changed anything. There’s always been a really thriving scene, it never stops and people actually go to the shows to hear some new music being played, some classics being played. They want to hear the full spectrum. That is what sets London apart from all the other countries and cities across the world.

As two regular festival goers I’m sure you’ve seen all sorts of interesting people. What is the funniest or most bizarre thing you’ve ever come across on your festival travels?

Krooked - I have one from SW4 last year! We met someone last who had a Camo and Krooked tattoo on his leg, which was a new one for usl!

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