Cosmic Gate: "We're really happy that Trance is back at SW4..."

Since meeting by chance at a Cologne recording studio in the late-nineties, Nic Chagall & Bossi aka Cosmic gate have gone on to become one of Germany’s most successful electronic music duos! We caught up with Bossi ahead of their return to SW4 to talk about their forthcoming new album, their connection with London and more.

So where in the world are you right now?

I’m in Ibiza, if you be really quiet you hear Bushwa in the background.

And you've recently kicked off your summer tour now correct?

Exactly. We’re playing the whole of July and August and we’re playing in Europe and finishing with SW4. Then we’re heading over to start the official Materia chapter 2 tour in Australia at the beginning of September in time for the release.

We can see you recently played a couple of big shows at W hotel in Qatar and Alfa Future People Festival in Russia. Are you happy with how the shows have been received so far?

Qatar was really nice. You know in Dubai, Qatar and the Middle East 95% of the clubs are in hotels. So it was a little bit different but they were jumping and pumping, I’m sure they do not hear such music too often and Russia were a little unlucky with the weather so we we’re playing in rubber boots. It was just crazy but yeah it was a fantastic festival, the crowd was just wild and the production was international high class standard. So yeah great weekend and first day we’re doing cream.

Your tour culminates with us at SW4, I know you’ve played the festival a few times now. Can you tell us a bit about your past experiences playing on the common?

I think it’s the second time playing. And very honestly we played so many club shows in London. We have such a long tradition with The Gallery and Ministry of Sound but to play a festival in the UK, we do know that but to play in London for only the second time, so for us it’s kind of very special. On top, the first appearance playing in that big tent and the vibe, it was just of the hook. So we’re really looking forward to come back. But I do remember so well, when we flew in, we were talking about what’s coming up and we were talking hey, this and this and that and we talked about SW4 and I said hey man if this is going to be half as good then it’s going to be like awesome again. We’re really happy that trance is back at SW4 and that we’re back aswell so yeah London here we are!

You've been a constant on the line-ups at Ministry of Sound over the years, what does The Gallery mean to you guys?

What does it mean? I guess what I said before and you just said is the relationship, it’s so close, we have 3 headlining shows a year means we basically come every 4 months and every time, I don’t want to say there are lines around the block but it’s every time it’s like a packed main room and it’s just a very cool, dark and energetic feel. This is what we really like and we can play longer sets, sometimes we play 3 or 4 hours and that’s what we really like. You can go a little more down the rabbit hole, you don’t have to just play the usual obvious tracks and that’s good. It’s just like nice and dark and vibey which is rare in 2017, it has kind of a 90s feel still and this is what we really do enjoy.

You recently released a new single from your forthcoming new Materia Chapter 2 album called Tonight. Are you happy with the response from the first single so far?

Actually we’re more than happy, we’re delighted. You work on the tracks for so long and after a while it's hard to still focus on the beauty of a track. And sometimes you release it and you’ve worked on it so much both the single and extended version. When you’re producing that long, you always want to do it better and bolder you know it. We are a little over critical of ourselves. So when we release it, we’re not going to expect basically anything. We know that we did our best but you know in the end it’s the people out there and the colleagues that show if we did it right. It’s only been out for a few days but so far, it’s overwhelming. We’re super happy about it.

For those that don’t know, could you just explain a bit about the concept behind Materia?

Well it’s pretty easy; we had too much damn music ready to release it for the deadline. It was called Materia, we could not keep the deadline with the amount of music we had, everything these days is going so quick you know. So the last album start to feel, it held 17 tracks and we remember a tweet 3 or 4 weeks before release saying ‘This is my favourite album you guys did and my favourite trance album in the last 5 years but when do we hear new music?’ And we felt paralysed at that moment, like we’ve been working a year for 17 new tracks, writing them from scratch. And we were like Jesus Christ asking for new music after 3 weeks and when we ran into that dilemma, not holding the deadline we decided to split up the music and release it in two big EPs and after the second EP which is chapter 2, set for September, we’re only going to release the physical CD. We can stretch that whole release for a longer time period, we give people more time to listen to each individual track cause if you have 17 brand new tracks you might over skip music that you actually like just because there is so many tracks on an album right? So in the end of seeing a negative, we turned it around and was like hey we’re stretching out our releases for a longer time period and that why we work with chap 1 and chap 2 and chapter 2 music wise, I’m sure that question is going to come, it’s basically walking in the footsteps of chapter 1. Of Course it’s one album and it’s got like the similar kinds of sounds, so I think with chapter 2, if you like the chapter 1 you’re going to be more than happy with it. Sound wise it’s pretty similar of course all is produced within one year so it’s not going to change that much. We have some nice collaborations on it with Marcus Schulz, Jazz is on it, Alister produced another deep progressive track with us for it so yeah we’re super happy with the albums, with how chapter 1 worked. We’re hoping chapter 2 finds the same amount of fan love.

How well do you think the tracks on the new album relate to the festival environment and what can we expect from your set at SW4 this year? Is it going to incorporate a lot of tracks from the new album?

Oh absolutely because there is a new collaboration with Arcade and Treb on it, there is a new one with Erik Lunyer on it and a track with Markus Schulz on it. The average concept of these tracks is straight in the face, club music. Every single one of the tracks is working on the dance floor but one down tempo track with Jazz, all the other 8 are dance floor material. We actually hate to have 1-hour sets because we have too much music from our classics and chapter 1 and now with chapter 2, it’s pretty hard for us to decide what to play. When we play a longer set in the gallery, we play tracks from Eric Prydz and Hot Since 82. We play Jason Roth, above and beyond, our stuff, deeper stuff like cold harbour style. We have a wide range of styles especially for longer sets, it’s important play a little bit in waves a little bit up and down cause if you play in the red all the time then the third track won’t work anymore as good but if you go a bit down then it will kick in way better again which for us is the art of djing which is unfortunately getting lost a little bit but we still play to build a good vibe. If you build a good vibe you don’t just have to play your hits and hits and hits.

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