Goldie releases new album - The Journey Man

Goldie releases first solo studio album since 1998, The Journey Man!

MOBO Award-winning songwriter, DJ, producer, visual artist and actor Goldie (MBE) is arguably the most influential Drum & Bass pioneers to have ever lived, having had a huge impact on the development of the genre right from the very start. His legendary label Metalheadz has put out some of the most iconic records in Drum & Bass history and it is on this label that Goldie releases ‘The Journey Man’.

The album consists of 16 new tracks & features a host of collaborators that have allowed Goldie to fulfil his vision, collaborators include the likes of Ulterior Motive or vocalists such as ‘Terri Walker’ or Goldie’s wife ‘Mika Wassenaar Price’. Goldie is an innovator who states that he often looks “at music not so much as a producer but like a director.” The Journey Man contains a huge array of tracks which differ in styles making the album a complete & incredible portrayal of Goldie’s most recent experiences & experimentations when in the studio.

Goldie recently met with DJ Mag for an in depth live discussion about the concept and inspirations behind the album. Watch it here

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