Vitalic: "I’m missing my holiday to come and play for SW4"

We caught up with french electronic music connoisseur Vitalic ahead of his performance at the festival this year to discuss his latest album ‘Voyager’ and find out what we can expect from his Live performance in the B.Traits Selects arena on Day Two…

What’s been going on in the world of Vitalic this summer?

I've been playing really big festivals like Sonar back in June which was a highlight, it’s been a great summer so far. Tomorrow I’m going to Berlin for a festival and the day after I’m in Poland.

I can see that you played with us at SW4 back in 2010.. Do you remember much from that performance?

I remember much about the rain to tell you the truth haha, I remember it was full of mud.. It was really nice but it was 7 years ago, a long time. It was a good vibe yes, I remember the stage was really nice and Luciano was playing also. It was a really good moment.

How has your style developed over the past 7 years?

I think you know at the time, 7 years ago, it was the end of an electro clash and the beginning of a new sound, it was a bit more rock in a way and now it’s more on the melody and a little more trippy.

I know you’ve played in London quite frequently over the years, can you tell us a bit about your connection with the UK and your past experiences playing here?

I played at Electric Brixton some months ago, that was really a blast, I love the venue it’s a really old style and it was a great atmosphere and definitely something special. It was really really amazing. Also I used to play a lot in Glasgow and in the North of England. I had a great tour with 2manyDJs but yeah over the years I've been playing many shows over the UK.

Are you happy with how the album has been received?

Yeah you know it wasn’t what I was expecting because it was so different to the previous album. I was thinking that I would have much more bad comments like “What’s happened to him?” but at the end it was really really cool. I had a lot of press in the UK, I had a lot of interviews and the response was really good.

For those who don’t know, can you tell us a little about the concept behind Voyager?

The concept behind it was bringing back more melodies to my music and needing more space to synthesizers. It was less about the energy and more about getting trippy with real melodies. I wanted to do something different and modern and not old fashioned.

Throughout your career you’ve always stayed true to yourself and have been seen to follow trends...

I know that and it’s part of my thing, It’s like I get inspired by what’s happening around me. I’m very bad at copying musicians around me so maybe if I was good then I would but I’m not so it’s totally better to just be into your own stuff.

Can you tell us abit about your journey into electronic music? When did you get your first synthesizer?

I got my first one when I was around 23/22 and that time it was a Korg MS20 and I brought it for something like £100 and now it’s like £1000 maybe. At that time it was really cheap and it wasn’t very expensive to make music because there’s a lot of equipment right now and you need a computer but you need to get the stuff and learn how to make music with them and you didn’t have the internet so it was all different from now. It was slower maybe but also more, effective.

This year you're playing in the B.Traits Selects arena with like of Carl Craig live, Matador Live and more. Are you looking forward to joining these artists and playing with us this year?

Yeah sure, it’s a real big festival it’s really nice and to tell you the truth I’m missing my holiday to come and play for you so I really look forward to playing and yeah I missed Carl Craig last time I had a chance so looking forward to see that.

What can we expect from your live show this year?

You can expect me alone on stage with some pieces of equipment and it covers some songs from my four albums. But not only cause I still have some songs that I enjoy and can make it experimental, it will start very disco and end electro.

What’s next for Vitalic? Any new projects on the horizon that you’d share with us?

While I’m on tour I’m able to make a bit of music but it’s difficult because you need more than two days in the studio as far as I’m concerned. I did a remix for a french rock band and it’s released in September. And I also did a song in spanish in summer which went well, it has a spanish singer and it’s done really well in other countries like Italy so now I’m doing lots of promotion for that.

You’re a man who produces very forward thinking music and always pushing the boundaries of electronic music. What do you think the future holds for for electronic music in general?

Erm I think it’s really going back to basic techno with a drum machine and I can see this detroit thing is getting very big again in france.

Can you recall any strange or bizarre things on your festival travels?

Last time i was playing at SW4, Major Lazer were playing and I was with the english guy who was part of the group, we partied around the festival for too long and we had no driver anymore and we had to wait something crazy like an hour and a half. So then the new driver came and we went back to the hotel and in the car he played this CD that was all the upcoming songs by major lazer and I was like wow. When I listened I just knew it would get big.

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