What So Not...'there's probably 100 unreleased songs I've been working on...'

We caught up Australia’s dance music phenomenon What So Not to discuss his unique take on electronic music, adrenaline junkie adventures and ask him what we can expect from his debut performance at SW4 this year.

What’s it like living as What So Not in 2017?

Right now, I’m crashing on a couch or in the studio working on new music, sometimes surfing in the mornings. It’s not always that glamourous. A lot of the money just goes straight back into the art, making music videos, developing stage concerts, creating artwork and doing more stuff to enhance my shows.

How are you feeling about making your debut at SW4 on the main stage this year?

Didn’t actually know I was on the main stage, that’s cool! I’m excited! There’s probably like 100 unreleased songs that I’ve been working on, so I will be choosing the best possible ones, testing them on live shows like at SW4 and then using that to decide what goes on the album. I use a lot of songs people know, then work on them to enhance the live experience. We also have a visual, light and sound experience which runs alongside the set.

You’ve played in London quite a few times. What makes London such a special city to play?

I love London. A lot of Australians move there, so I always have friends when I’m over there. I attended a show in Soho and I was so inspired by the basslines and all the emphasis on the percussion, the transits and the motions of the bass music. It was a very cool experience. That’s the beautiful thing about London, you can go to a club and just see something that blows your mind.

How is the debut album coming along?

There’s a lot of new music that could be put on there and it’s just deciding what to go for. The songs have to fit with the message I’m trying to create with this particular piece of work.

I can see you performed recently in Japan with Jauz, how did that come about?

Yeah they’ve been friends of mine for a while now. He was in town for ADC and he saw that I was playing and we had a fun night. We went shopping and ended up buying all these animal head costumes, had a pretty good time in the bar later too. When I did my show, Jauz jumped up and we did a little B2B at the end of it.

How would you describe the sound you're making right now?

I don’t know really. I kind of like people to go and listen to it and decide for themselves. Especially with the new album, there’s a different muse and tone to all the songs, instead of a specific genre. I try to make things have a cinematic sentiment. I like dancing and whopping sounds to stop it being too natural, paralleling that with traditional sounds and pads. Just keep everything in one little space, just making sure it’s not too much on the ears.

I can see you recently went to New Zealand with Redbull, would you class yourself as a bit of an adrenaline junkie? Does it have any links to the high energy music you write?

I think so. New Zealand was amazing; they gave me a house on this incredible beach. Everyday involved hitting the studio and working on everything. It’s funny because I’m quite a calm person, I think the extreme sports type of thing is my way of letting everything out. If there’s any aggressive components, I generally put them into the music.

What tracks have been doing the damage on the dancefloor for you recently?

A lot of the unreleased ones actually. I have a remix of the Stranger Things soundtrack that’s been doing amazingly well. The Divide and Conquer Noisia remix, one of the harder tracks on my sets actually. The album intro, I’ve been playing to open loads of shows with which is a really good experience. Two and a half minutes of progressive arpeggiation which becomes a really heavy triplet half time slamming beat.

Noisia remixed one of your latest singles, how did that come about?

I’ve known them and their music for many years, Sonny first introduced us at different festival circuits. I was lucky enough to get to know them whilst I was touring Australia. I just had a feeling that they could do something with this track and they did, it’s such a masterpiece and I’m so happy with it.

Where did the journey of electronic music start for you?

It was a really funny start into this industry, I actually hated dance music when I was a kid. When I was about 17, I started to get into clubbing in Australia and then that changed everything. The first scene I got into was tech-house, that really connected with me. From then on I’ve just been fascinated by all the things that show up and catch hold of you, I just adapt and absorb different things I hear and use then use the inspiration for my own music.

What can we expect in the future?

I’ve got the album and a few other things that’ll come out before. With the album, I’ve been mainly focusing on working with friends instead of working with big collaborative names. It’s just about the right time and mood right now. I want to work with people who can connect on that level as well. I’m very excited to get this big project out, in the meantime I will tease and use the tracks in my live shows.

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